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Megaraid Safestore Software Physical Key (l5-25188-01)

Megaraid Safestore Software Physical Key (l5-25188-01)

Referentie: L5-25188-01
Taal: UK

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Whether it is sensitive customer information,intellectual property or proprietary data that helps a company reach its strategic objectives,a company's data may be its most valuable asset. If this data is misplaced or stolen,organizations run the risk of lost revenue,legal implications,and a tarnished reputation. The unfortunate truth is that an organization's data is becoming increasingly vulnerable as lost,accidentally exposed or breached data is becoming more and more commonplace in today's environment. With data security risks on the rise,an influx of government mandates and regulations for securing data have been implemented and is becoming part of the corporate landscape for many. Eliminating exposure of private data is now simply viewed as a sound business practice.


Category Security applications - data encryption
Product Type Box pack
Distribution Media Hardware key
Licence Type 1 controller
Details Physical key for 9265/9266/9285/9270/9271/9286 Series